Published: 2014-12-07

Evaluation and design of fibre reinforced concrete using the equivalent flexural strength

Michał A. Glinicki


A review of properties of fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) is presented. Fundamentals of evaluation and design of fibre concrete are explained. particularly appropriate for steel fibre reinforcement. The basic concepts of characterization of structure of fibrous reinforcement are analysed and principles of characterization of FRC after cracking are given. Standard methods of toughness testing of FRC in flexure are described and definitions of the equivalent flexural strength and the residual strength in flexure are given. An experimental investigation of the flexural toughness of fibre reinforced concrete using four types of hook-end steel fibres is reported. Effects of fibre content, fibre size and the size of beams were tested for concrete characteristic compressive strength of 30 MPa designed for use in industrial pavements. The specimens 100 mm thick were cut out of larger plates so as to avoid non-uniformity of fibre distribution. The results show a significant increase in the equivalent flexural strength with an increase of fibre content and fibre aspect ratio The use of the equivalent flexural strength in design of FRC sIabs on ground is presented. New concepts for calculation of the bearing capacity and the crack width in structural elements are presented for reinforced concrete with fibre reinforcement.


equivalent flexural strenght, fibre concrete, fibre reinforcement, flexural toughness, pavement design

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