Published: 2014-02-01

Microstructure analysis of concrete modified with addition of calcareous fly ash

Michał A. Glinicki , Róża Krzywobłocka-Laurów , Zbigniew Ranachowski , Mariusz Dąbrowski , Jolanta Wołowicz


The investigation of concrete microstructure and phase composition was performed on concrete specimens produced with and without calcareous fly ash obtained from Bełchatów Power Station. The used calcareous fly ash (designated “W”) was either unprocessed or ground to assumed specific surface and added to concrete mix to substitute 30% of the binder by weight. The following testing methods were used in this research: scanning electron microscopy, differential thermal analysis (DTA) and multiple microindentation. The characteristic features of the investigated microstructures are discussed and the effect of calcareous fly ash on the content of non-evaporable water and portlandite in cement matrix is analysed. The results of microindentation and compressive strength testing were used as the basis for evaluation of the efficiency of calcareous fly ash added to concrete mix.


calcareous fly ash, microindentation, microstructure, non-evaporable water, phase composition, portlandite, strength

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Glinicki, M. A., Krzywobłocka-Laurów, R., Ranachowski, Z., Dąbrowski, M., & Wołowicz, J. (2014). Microstructure analysis of concrete modified with addition of calcareous fly ash. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 12(2), 173–189.

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