Published: 2018-06-30

Pavement modelling using mechanical and thermal homogenization of layered systems

Mirosław Graczyk , Józef Rafa , Adam Zofka


The paper presents a model of the mechanical and thermal homogenization of the layered pavement system. The actual road/airport pavement consisting of several different layers resting on a sub-grade is modelled by a layer with dynamically and thermally equivalent physico-mechanical parameters. Using mass, wave, energy and thermodynamic criteria, equivalent models of the pavement in the homogenized system and in the multilayer system are presented. The modelling was conducted to obtain equivalence between the dynamic and thermal wave processes taking place in the multilayer system and in the homogenized system. The problem solution was constructed for a layer interacting with a half-space, modelling a layered pavement resting on a sub-grade (a half-space). The actual pavement was mathematically and physically modelled by the equivalent layer, taking into account the mechanical and thermal processes taking place in the latter. The presented solution enables one to carry out analyses of the universal problem of a layer resting on a sub-grade and to evaluate complex problems relating to the thermo-mechanics and condition testing of layered road and airport pavements.


equivalent mechanical and thermal parameters, equivalent pavement, homogenization criteria, isolines of equivalent parameters, multilayer pavement.

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Graczyk, M., Rafa, J., & Zofka, A. (2018). Pavement modelling using mechanical and thermal homogenization of layered systems. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 17(2), 141–157.

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