Published: 2008-04-01

Analysis of frost resistance test results for hydraulically bound mixtures

Cezary Kraszewski


The paper presents analysis of test results and test methods for determination of frost resistance (in freeze-thaw condition) for hydraulically bound mixtures HBM for use in road bases. The aim of this analysis was to find adequate test method and level of requirements for Polish Technical Guidelines implementing European Standards to Poland. The frost resistance ratio was determined using to Polish Standards and using new test method verified by IBDiM. Analysis performed in this paper considers various properties of aggregates, binders and characteristics of unbound mixtures. Four types of mixtures were examined according to PN-EN 14227-1÷5 i.e.: cement bound mixtures, slag bound mixtures, fly ash mixtures and hydraulic road binder bound mixtures. Various types of aggregates were used for mixtures (natural crushed and not-crushed stone and recycled concrete) and also the binders were used in two different quantities. The curing time from 28 to 180 days was considered in this investigation.

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Kraszewski, C. (2008). Analysis of frost resistance test results for hydraulically bound mixtures. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 7(3), 19–33. Retrieved from

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