Published: 2014-02-01

Ukrainian and Polish experiences in the use of coal waste as a material for road construction

Iryna Voloshyna , Valeriy Vyrozhemskiy , Andrzej Urbanik , Cezary Kraszewski , Mirosław Szpikowski


Coal mining accompanied by the formation of large amounts of waste. These wastes are a potential source of material for road construction. Because of their properties, they can be treated as soils or aggregates. Coal wastes are used in road construction in particular for the construction of embankments. However, the balance of the use of such materials is negative, landfill wastes, not decrease. Stockpiled material is a source of environmental pollution and takes up valuable land that could be used for cultivation or investments. To meet these challenges arise various research projects aimed at international exchange technical and scientific experiments. INCRIS project is an example of this, and the main objective is to strengthen cooperation DNDI as coordinator and institutions involved in the project. The main direction of the research project to increase the use of coal wastes.


coal shale, coal waste, embankment, earth works

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Voloshyna, I., Vyrozhemskiy, V., Urbanik, A., Kraszewski, C., & Szpikowski, M. (2014). Ukrainian and Polish experiences in the use of coal waste as a material for road construction. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 13(1), 87–98.

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