Published: 2006-04-01

Parametric analysis of three-girder concrete spans

Czesław Machelski , Grzegorz Głuch , Michał Pigoń


In the paper the results of static analysis of three-girder concrete bridge structures of medium spans are presented. Calculations are based on authors' own model of span geometry, consisting of slab and beam elements. The results are shown in a form of transverse load distribution coefficients, commonly used in bridge engineering practice. Span dimension relationships (the length to width ratio) and flexural and torsional stiffness of the girder compared with stiffness of the deck slab are considered as variables. The influence of slab fastening along the girder as well as span bevel are estimated. Diagrams of changes of load distribution coefficient based on the results of the analyses are presented. A possible application of the diagrams to bridge design process is shown in an example of static analysis of spans of complicated geometry. Different lengths of spans of the analysed structure are taken into account.

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Machelski, C., Głuch, G., & Pigoń, M. (2006). Parametric analysis of three-girder concrete spans. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 5(4), 41–55. Retrieved from

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