Published: 2005-04-01

Flexibility of a steel girder connection with a slab in composite bridges

Czesław Machelski , Robert Toczkiewicz


The paper concerns analysis of internal forces and displacements in steel bridge girders flexibly connected with concrete deck slab. Types of deck slabs, shear connectors and test results are discussed. Five models describing the phenomenon of connection flexibility in bent girders are presented. The emphasis is put on the solution of the analytical problem based on differential equations. The analysis concerns two applied forms of the problem concerning the interaction of the combined girder elements resulting with internal forces or displacements. The mixed solution has been proven to be more effective, as it provides exact results (internal forces and displacements). The analysis of the problem, carried out with use of classical parameter Cz characterizing flexibility of connection, was complemented with  and  indicators introduced by authors. It is shown that  and  indicators inform on the stress distribution in cross section of the girder. The Cz(x) and M(x) functions essentially influence the internal forces distribution along the girder. Thus they influence the  and  indicators as well. Numerical examples given in the paper describe relations between Cz(x) and M(x) as well as (x) and (x).

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Machelski, C., & Toczkiewicz, R. (2005). Flexibility of a steel girder connection with a slab in composite bridges. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 4(3), 37–76. Retrieved from

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