Published: 2014-04-01

Parameters of load transverse distribution across bridges

Czesław Machelski


The paper concerns analysis of two classic bridge span models i.e. flat grillage and orthotropic plate in order to determine usefulness of characteristic parameters of this models for creation of load transverse distribution. The results of analysis shows that the orthotropic plate model obtained in Guyon-Massonnet and Cusens-Puma solutions is more general than the flat grillage model developed by Leonhardt. Through the comparison of characteristic parameters of both models, i.e. the orthotropic plate and the grillage, a general function of grillage characteristic parameter used in the Leonhardt method is derived. Additionally, the number of main girders and cross-beams is included in the formula. The function is used for verifying the assumptions of the simplest grillage model (Courbon’s Theory). Significant deviations from existing results are shown. The examples of comparative analyses given in the paper show the range of applications of the characteristic parameters of bridge models. In the conclusions the possibility of using bending moments influence surfaces to the transverse load distribution is presented.


bridge models parameters, comparative analysis, transverse distribution of loads

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Machelski, C. (2014). Parameters of load transverse distribution across bridges. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 13(2), 131–143.

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