Published: 2016-09-15

Steel plate curvatures of soil-steel structures during construction and exploitation

Czesław Machelski


The paper analyses the deformation of cir- cumferential bands of shells made of corrugated metal sheets in soil-steel structures. A change of curvature in the crown of a shell is assumed as a measure of deformation. In the upper part of analysed objects, regardless of their cross-sectional geometry, e.g. arched or elliptical shaped, a section of shell with a constant radius of curvature R is nowadays designed. As a result of earth pressure, moving loads and the self-weight of metal sheets, the shape of this part is subjected to deformation with a noticeable deviation from the circular shape. The change of curvature radius is determined in the paper on the basis of three coordinates of measuring points that form a triangle inscribed in a circle. Every (asymmetrical) position of the measuring points is taken into account. A system of three such points is transformed into a form of an equilateral triangle, and thus the radius of curvature is determined. Based on the change of curvature formulated during the construction and exploitation of soil-steel structures, the bending moments and normal stresses in the shell crown can be estimated and therefore a safety evaluation of the objects is possible.


assessment of structures, construction and exploitation phase, soil-steel structures, curvature of shells made of corrugated metal

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Machelski, C. (2016). Steel plate curvatures of soil-steel structures during construction and exploitation. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 15(3), 207–220.

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