Published: 2017-09-30

Deformation of buried corrugated metal box structure under railway load

Czesław Machelski , Leszek Korusiewicz


The deformations of the circumferential section of a railway buried corrugated metal structure’s shell under the operational load are analysed in this paper. Considering its geometry, the structure belongs to box structures. The deflections and stresses (determined from unit strains) in selected points of the shell were adopted as the measure of the deformations. The quantities were measured using inductive sensors and electrical resistance strain gauges. The moving load procedure was used in the tests whereby the results are presented in the form of continuous quantity-load location functions. The analyses show close similarity between the displacements of the tested structure and those of other arch structures (e.g. brick vaults). As the vehicle travels over the box structure, the strain (normal stress) in the structure alternates (changes its value and sign as a function of vehicle location), which is a characteristic feature of such structures, but the recorded displacement and stress values are very low in comparison with the ones generated during construction.


buried corrugated metal structures, deformation of corrugated plate shell, in-service stage, tests of structures

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Machelski, C., & Korusiewicz, L. (2017). Deformation of buried corrugated metal box structure under railway load. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 16(3), 191–201.

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