Published: 2005-04-01

Analysis of flexural strength of concrete specified for road pavement

Michał A. Glinicki


A critical review of specifications for flexural strength of concrete in road pavements is presented considering technical means of compliance and control, as well as adherence to the criterion of adequate air void structure required for frost resistance. Numerous test data provide an evidence for a linear relationship between the flexural strength and the compressive strength raised to a power of 2/3 or 1/2. The scatter of flexural strength data is about twice greater than the scatter of compressive strength data; the coefficient of variation often reaches up to 10-15%. Both a total porosity and a distribution of air void diameters significantly influence the strength of concrete. Since the concrete strength and the air void content needed for frost resistance are conflict criteria the quality control procedures should be modified adequately. The current standards are not precise enough to describe the testing procedures neither in defining the conformity criteria.

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Glinicki, M. A. (2005). Analysis of flexural strength of concrete specified for road pavement. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 4(1), 15–38. Retrieved from

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