Published: 2013-02-01

Field tests of large-span metal arch culvert during backfilling

Bartłomiej Kunecki , Leszek Korusiewicz


Flexible corrugated steel culverts have been used in engineering for many years, with the first application in 1931. Since that time the popularity of such structures has enormously increased. This paper describes full-scale field tests of one of two identical large-span flexible structures (culverts) built on the A-4 motorway in the vicinity of Bolesławiec city in Poland. The culverts serve as a wildlife crossing. The 75 m long structure is a low-profile metal arch with a span of 19.5 m and a rise of 6 m. The tested animal crossing is one of the largest buried structure in Europe. The main goal of the full-scale field tests was to evaluate the behaviour of the culvert in the twin-arch configuration during backfilling. The horizontal and vertical deflections of the arch and strains of the metal plates were measured. The results of the measurements are presented in the form of graphs and tables.


backfilling, culvert deflections, field tests, steel culvert, strains, stresses

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Kunecki, B., & Korusiewicz, L. (2013). Field tests of large-span metal arch culvert during backfilling. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 12(3), 283–295.

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