Published: 2012-04-01

Comparative analysis of strains and durability of asphalt pavement of perpetual and standard type

Roman Nagórski , Krzysztof Błażejowski , Katarzyna Marczuk


This paper analyses the key strains and fatigue performance of the following types of road pavements using fatigue cracking and subgrade rutting as the evaluation criteria: conventional asphalt pavement and pavement structure with fatigue-resistant layer (as in perpetual pavement concept). Calculations were performed for two wheel speeds: 60 km/h and 5 km/h. The study included a comparison of results obtained for pavements differing in terms of material specifications and structure: reference model built of only elastic layers and two models built of viscoelastic asphalt layers and layers of aggregate cement-treated base (CTB) on soil subgrade. The determinations included strains, deformation and displacements (for which VEROAD software program was used) also the above-mentioned failure criteria determined using the Asphalt Institute equations. For predicting the fatigue life of pavement the lower asphalt layer was assumed to have the modulus value equal to the initial modulus calculated with Van der Poel equation and dynamic moduli calculated as sensitive or insensitive to the wheel speed respectively. The effect of the respective factors on the life of pavement in million standard axles (msa) was assessed, demonstrating that the calculations assuming elastic behaviour of all the pavement layers lead to overestimating the pavement life. Finally, it was found that the wheel speed had a significant effect on the strain and on the fatigue life of pavement.


comparative analysis of strain and life of pavement, perpetual and conventional pavement design, viscoelastic and elastic models

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Nagórski, R., Błażejowski, K., & Marczuk, K. (2012). Comparative analysis of strains and durability of asphalt pavement of perpetual and standard type. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 11(4), 311–327.

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