Published: 2016-06-30

The extended assessment of warm mix asphalts durability

Wojciech Bańkowski , Renata Horodecka , Marcin Gajewski , Krzysztof Mirski


The present paper outlines the results of tests performed on bituminous mixtures made by applying WMA, typical and modified bitumens. The mixtures AC 16 and SMA 8 were tested in respect to the compactibility (in a gyratory press and PBS cylinder compactor), water resistance, fatigue resistance, resistance to low-temperature cracking (through the TSRST method), complex modulus in a broad scope of frequencies, and crack propagation in the SCB apparatus. The impact of the technological and long-term ageing was taken into account. All tests were performed on the reference specimens and the specimens with WMA bitumens compacted at the temperature lower than the standard compaction temperature for a given mixture by 20°C and 40°C respectively. It has been proved that reducing the compaction temperature by 20°C is possible without deteriorating the mixture parameters. Moreover, in case of reducing that temperature by 40°C the majority of requirements have been met as well. The tests have confirmed in broad scope good functional characteristics of warm mix asphalts.


durability, functional tests, technological temperature lowering, warm mix asphalts, WMA

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Bańkowski, W., Horodecka, R., Gajewski, M., & Mirski, K. (2016). The extended assessment of warm mix asphalts durability. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 15(2), 157–173.

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