Published: 2008-04-01

New transition curve types for road design

Andrzej Kobryń


The transition curves are important geometrical elements for the design process of roads. The most frequently used curves are spiral curves. So far other curves have been of smaller importance, because of larger expenditure associated with computation of rigging data. Now it is however no more a disadvantage, because the computer-aided design makes it possible to use also complicated geometrical solutions. This work contains an overview of the new solutions of transition curves. It concerns so-called general transition curves, which describe the whole curvilinear transition between the two straight-line sections by means of only one equation. Thus they can form an alternative for traditional geometrical forms, which are to be understood as 1st transition curve – circular arc –2nd transition curve or 1st transition curve – 2nd transition curve.

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Kobryń, A. (2008). New transition curve types for road design. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 7(3), 5–18. Retrieved from

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