Published: 2005-04-01

Transportation behavior of people in city area

Tomasz Szczuraszek , Jacek Chmielewski , Jan Kempa , Grzegorz Bebyn


Investigation of transportation behavior of different groups of inhabitants is necessary to build and calibrate models of demand matrixes generation and transportation needs assignment into transportation networks. Selected characteristics of such behavior, developed on the basis of on surveys held in six Polish cities with different number of inhabitants and in two regions are presented in the paper. Moreover an example of selection of factors influencing chosen characteristics of inhabitants transportation behavior is included.

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Szczuraszek, T., Chmielewski, J., Kempa, J., & Bebyn, G. (2005). Transportation behavior of people in city area. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 4(1), 75–90. Retrieved from

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