Published: 2018-09-30

Weather conditions and the risk of road incident occurrence

Tomasz Szczuraszek , Emilia Kusowska


In an atmospheric environment, a man is subjected to the influence of many factors of a stimulus nature, which probably affect into the behaviour of drivers in road traffic and the risk of them being exposed to certain road incidents. The aim of the paper was to answer the question whether weather conditions and what values of atmospheric parameters have an impact on the increase of the risk level regarding the occurrence of a road incident. The analyses were carried out using the road network in Elbląg as an example. There were based on detailed information regarding road incidents occurrence covering two years, and also atmospheric conditions that were made available. The work undoubtedly demonstrates that atmospheric conditions have an impact on considered risk. Moreover, the increase of this risk is highly influenced by atmospheric parameters such as humidity and air temperature.


biometeorology, road incident, road traffic engineering, road traffic security, road transportation.

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Szczuraszek, T., & Kusowska, E. (2018). Weather conditions and the risk of road incident occurrence. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 17(3), 193–204.

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