Published: 2004-04-01

Experimental research on steel shell of road bridge during backfilling

Damian Bęben , Zbigniew Mańko


The paper presents results and conclusions of experimental research, which were conducted on a road bridge shell structure made of steel corrugated plates Super Cor SC-56B type during backfilling. The bridge was located in Gimån (Sweden). The conclusions drawn on the basis of performed testing can be helpful mostly for the assessment of behaviour of such type of steel-soil bridge structures under loads of backfilling. An application of such a type of structure is often considered in the case of small and middle effective span bridges. Conclusions based on conducted research can be generalized to the whole class of such structural solutions.

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Bęben, D., & Mańko, Z. (2004). Experimental research on steel shell of road bridge during backfilling. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 3(2), 15–39. Retrieved from

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