Published: 2009-12-30

European Ecological Network Nature 2000 and development of the transportation routes

Damian Bęben


The paper characterizes the problem of preservation of natural environment in connection with extension of transportation road systems. The European Union program concerning the European Ecological Network Nature 2000 is presented. The Nature 2000 areas include areas of utmost importance from the point of view of protection of endangered or very rare species of plants and animals as well as characteristic natural habitats with meaning to protection of natural values all over Europe. The all the EU member countries have been obliged to delimit protected areas, i.e. the Nature 2000 sites over their respective territories. Detailed legal solutions concerning creation and protection of the Nature 2000 ecological networks were passes as national environmental protection laws. They introduce "Nature 2000 sites" as a new, separate form of environmental conservation, whereas at the same time they can overlap or cover other forms of legal protection of a given country. The nature compensation as the manner of environmental restoration is also presented in paper. The conclusion mentions complexity of the problem of road systems construction in the face of the Natura 2000 program, which can be of use to designers and constructors of the transportation routes in Poland.

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Bęben, D. (2009). European Ecological Network Nature 2000 and development of the transportation routes. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 8(4), 5–23. Retrieved from

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