Published: 2021-12-08

Quality control of Traffic Speed Deflectometer measurements on road network

Jacek Sudyka , Przemysław Harasim , Monika Kowalska-Sudyka , Tomasz Mechowski


Bearing capacity of pavement structures is treated as an essential element of maintenance planning on the level of road network. Considering deflections as a direct indication of pavement bearing capacity enables precise and effective evaluation of the entire road network and its individual sections. In order to evaluate the parameter correctly, it is necessary to employ an effective measurement method and ensure the best possible quality of data. Means of deflection measurements on the level of road network include the use of Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD), which is the most modern diagnostic device for pavement bearing capacity testing. However, quality of data obtained from this device should be maintained by introducing adequate control procedures. The article presents one of the most commonly used methods of TSD measurement quality control and the related problem of evaluation of control results due to changes in asphalt pavement temperature and excessive pavement roughness. The performed data analysis has shown that the average temperature difference between routine measurement and control measurement greater than 10°C may cause significant differences in the results. The analysis also indicated that comparisons of surface curvature index SCI300 at the stage of measurement provider's own control entail lesser error than comparisons of maximum deflections D0. Pavement roughness that negatively affected the results of control was also evaluated.


asphalt pavement, bearing capacity measurements, measurement quality control, Traffic Speed Deflectometer.

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Sudyka, J., Harasim, P., Kowalska-Sudyka, M., & Mechowski, T. (2021). Quality control of Traffic Speed Deflectometer measurements on road network. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 20(4), 441–450.

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