Published: 2021-11-22

Properties of pervious concrete as base course in concrete pavement structures

Danuta Bebłacz


The paper discusses permeable base courses of pervious cement concrete as a possible design solution for rigid road pavement structures. Such pavements are threatened by base erosion – washing out of fine particles of the upper base layer. This effect may be eliminated through the use of erosion-resistant base courses, including drainage bases of pervious cement concrete. The article presents a review of example structural solutions of concrete pavements with permeable bases used in other countries. The results of own experimental research on pervious concretes for permeable road bases are also presented. No relationships were observed between the compressive strength of concrete and its resistance to cyclic freezing/thawing. An elevated water permeability of pervious concrete containing gravel aggregate was noted – over 10-3 m/s, which is comparable to the permeability of natural soils such as gravels and coarse or medium sands.


base course, concrete pavement, pervious concrete.

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Bebłacz, D. (2021). Properties of pervious concrete as base course in concrete pavement structures. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 20(4), 359–378.

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