Published: 2017-12-30

Lightweight concrete bridge deck slabs reinforced with GFRP composite bars

Agnieszka Wiater , Tomasz Siwowski


The durability of typical reinforced concrete bridge deck slabs is several times shorter than the durability of the main girders or other basic elements of bridges. This is due to ever-increasing traffic loads and the aggressiveness of the environment, which is intensified by the need for winter maintenance of bridges. Over the past several years, numerous technological, material and construction solutions have been developed in order to extend the technical life of the deck slabs of bridge structures. These include, among others, the use of lightweight concrete and also reinforcements made of composite bars. By combining these two materials into lightweight concrete slabs that are reinforced with GFRP composites, it is possible to obtain a synergy of high strength and durability of GFRP composite and also a reduction of the self-weight of a bridge. The paper presents an overview of the applications of lightweight concrete and GFRP composite bars in the deck slabs of bridge structures. Limited research on this constructional solution, which was completed with its first national implementation on a road bridge, was also presented. Moreover, the directions of further studies, which are necessary to develop the design principles that would enable wider use of this type of bridge deck slabs, were also provided.


bridge, bridge deck slab, GFRP rebars, lightweight concrete, structural testing.

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Wiater, A., & Siwowski, T. (2017). Lightweight concrete bridge deck slabs reinforced with GFRP composite bars. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 16(4), 279–293.

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