Published: 2016-02-08

Investigation of the new weight in motion system

Krzysztof Sekuła , Robert Konowrocki , Tomasz Dębowski


Validation of a new methodology of loads identification generated by the traveling vehicles on the road surface is presented. The proposed approach is based on the concept of monitoring of strain development in a deformable body (Load Detecting Device, LDD) affected by a moving load. The paper is focused on the feasibility study of the new type of the Weight-In-Motion (WIM) concept. The research was aimed at the validation of the investigated technique, for the inverse problem algorithm which is dedicated for the proposed device. The research includes a computer simulation by means of the Finite Element Method used for the preliminary development of the LDD concept. Moreover, the laboratory tests were curried out for the preliminary experimental verification of the FE model and to obtain the calibration factors. Finally, a full-scale experimental validation of the WIM device has been performed in field tests.

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Sekuła, K., Konowrocki, R., & Dębowski, T. (2016). Investigation of the new weight in motion system. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 8(3), 69–88. Retrieved from

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