Published: 2016-02-08

The bridge over the Ina River – the history and the analysis of capacity

Rafał Maciaszek


This article is about a two-span bridge over Ina river located on the provincial road number 142. It was built in early forties of the 20th century as a highway bridge. It was a part of Berlin - Koenigsberg route built by the Germans. Due to the changes of national borders after the 2nd World War, the highway has never been finished. During the war, right after the bridge war built, the current span was destroyed. It was reconstructed after the war but a completely different construction. The other still existing span is a rarely seen construction with a tie-beam and a joint in the middle of the span width. It is approximated to the system patented by U. Finsterwalder. This article presents the bridge history, the description of construction and the analysis of capacity of this span. Due to the fact that the design documentation has not survived, the description and pictures of the bridge are made on the basis of conducted inventory. The span capacity is defined through comparison of the German DIN 1072 load standards, which was in force during the time of building the object, and the present standard PN-85/S-10030.

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Maciaszek, R. (2016). The bridge over the Ina River – the history and the analysis of capacity. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 8(3), 55–67. Retrieved from

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