Published: 2016-02-04

Modelling of the impact of selected road features on the free speed

Alicja Sołowczuk


In the paper, the assumptions and the proposed concept of estimation of the total impact of the road features on the speed are presented. The speed is one of the most important road parameters, characterising its usable values. Also road users, the main consumers of road services, pay the biggest attention to the velocity. Therefore the economic efficiency of the road work connected with maintenance, repair and rebuilding of roads should estimate and take into consideration also benefits obtained by road users. Currently the decisions related to the road work, including maintenance, repair or rebuilding, are taken by their administrator on the basis of the road condition assessment results or analysis of the motor traffic flow. The velocity values are estimated by the systems used neither “before” nor “after” the work execution, so it is difficult to estimate the benefits obtained by road users after the road rebuilding or repair executed. In the presented model the author shows the essence and sense of a joint effect estimation of the selected road features on the velocity. A number of analyses can be executed on the basis of estimated parameters of the velocity distribution. The road wise velocity profiles can be used not only for analysis of the economic efficiency (it means reduction of the prime costs: borne by users, road transport, vehicles use, emission of toxic exhaust gas components etc.) but also to analyse the road traffic organization, determination of places with a big velocity difference on road sections following one after another, the velocity classification, the flow capacity etc.

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Sołowczuk, A. (2016). Modelling of the impact of selected road features on the free speed. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 8(2), 33–62. Retrieved from

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