Published: 2023-12-30

Stiffness of MCE mixtures based on cement dusty by-products and recycled aggregate

Łukasz Skotnicki , Jarosław Kuźniewski


This paper presents the possibilities of reusing recycled materials in road pavement constructions. This study analyses the effects of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and cement dusty by-products (UCPP) on the stiffness of mineral-cement-emulsion (MCE) mixtures. Asphalt waste can be used as a secondary raw material for the preparation of cement-stabilised mixtures in cold recycling technology. The use of MCE mixtures in road pavement construction is one way of disposing of construction waste. Testing of MCE mixtures with UCPP was aimed at confirming the applicability of these materials for cold recycled pavement structure layers. The purpose was to evaluate the effect of the innovative UCPP binding agent on the mechanical properties of MCE mixtures. The stiffness of the mixtures in question was analysed. Tests were carried out for fine- and coarse-grained mixtures. The stiffness modulus in indirect tension test on cylindrical specimens (IT-CY) was carried out according to EN 12697-26. Indirect tensile strength (ITS) testing was carried out according to EN 12697-23. The use of innovative binders has made it possible to reduce the stiffness of individual MCE mixtures compared to reference mixtures containing conventional cement, while still maintaining adequate durability. The relationships developed between IT-CY stiffness and ITS strength will allow the design and execution of MCE mixtures in road pavements to be optimised. The use of UCPP changed the mechanical properties of MCE mixtures by reducing their stiffness. This will contribute to the cracking resistance of the base and sub-base layers and increase their fatigue life. The innovative material was used in the experimental section and it is being monitored.


mineral-cement-emulsion mixture, innovative road binder, recycling, fatigue durability, fracture toughness

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Skotnicki, Łukasz, & Kuźniewski, J. (2023). Stiffness of MCE mixtures based on cement dusty by-products and recycled aggregate. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 22(4), 579–592.

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