Published: 2023-12-30

Influence of the type of recycled asphalt pavement on the properties of the SMA JENA 16 stone mastic asphalt mixture

Piotr Ramiączek , Mikołaj Cielibała , Natalia Skrzyniarz , Karolina Janus , Krzysztof Maciejewski , Mateusz M. Iwański , Anna Chomicz-Kowalska


One-layer asphalt pavements with stone mastic asphalt (SMA JENA) have been used in Poland since 2010. Despite numerous advantages, including facilitating significant progress in work and lower costs compared to traditional asphalt mixtures, this technology is not widely applied in Poland. This paper evaluated the properties of a one-layer JENA 16 stone mastic asphalt mixture with the addition of recycled asphalt pavement. Two asphalt granulates obtained from milling the wearing and binding layers and the binding subbase were used in the research. Both granulates significantly differed in the applied mineral material and the type of asphalt binder contained in them. The research plan involved dosing the granulate in quantities ranging from 10% to 50% relative to the mineral mixture, ensuring that the resulting grain size distribution closely matched the profile of the analyzed reference mixture. Basic physical and mechanical parameters of the JENA 16 asphalt mixture and both granulates were evaluated. The studies showed a varied impact of the type and quantity of recycled asphalt pavement on the properties of SMA JENA 16. The asphalt granulate did not significantly affect the water resistance of the tested samples. However, a positive effect on the resistance of the asphalt mixture to permanent deformations was observed.


recycled asphalt pavement, SMA JENA16, one-layer pavement, recycling

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Ramiączek, P., Cielibała, M., Skrzyniarz, N., Janus, K., Maciejewski, K., Iwański, M. M., & Chomicz-Kowalska, A. (2023). Influence of the type of recycled asphalt pavement on the properties of the SMA JENA 16 stone mastic asphalt mixture. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 22(4), 569–578.

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