Published: 2021-12-07

State of preservation of carbonate aggregates in alkaline environment

Andrzej Dubiniewicz


The article presents assessment of construction aggregates obtained from lithologically varied carbonate rocks in terms of their preservation after 100 days of immersion in 1M NaOH solution at room temperature. Aggregates showed no indication of alkali reaction in the form of dedolomitization or silica dissolution. However, it was observed that the aggregate grains had cracked. Oxidation of opaque minerals occurred in the twinning planes of dolomite found in dolosparite aggregates. It was determined that aggregates obtained from Cambrian dolomitized sparites, Devonian dolomicrites, dolosparites, biomicrites, dolomitized micrites, Carboniferous pelbiosparites and Jurassic biomicrites are chemically stable in alkaline environment.


alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR), alkali reactivity, carbonate rocks, chemical stability of aggregates, construction aggregate.

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Dubiniewicz, A. (2021). State of preservation of carbonate aggregates in alkaline environment. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 20(4), 413–424.

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