Published: 2019-06-30

Assessment criteria of the recycled aggregate cement bound bases

Bartłomiej Krawczyk , Antoni Szydło , Piotr Mackiewicz , Dariusz Dobrucki


The paper deals with investigations into the possibility of using crushed concrete reclaimed from road pavements to produce new cement bound mixtures for roadbase courses. From the economic and technical points of view crushed concrete waste constitutes an alternative source of aggregates which can replace natural aggregates in cement bound mixtures. First, recycled concrete aggregate was tested with regard to the current requirements which aggregates for cement bound roadbases must meet. Then, the strength and frost resistance tests were carried out on cement bound mixtures based on recycled concrete aggregates and natural aggregates. The possibilities and limitations of the use of recycled concrete aggregate for cement bound roadbase courses were examined. The results of the performed tests proved that recycled concrete aggregate, even though it does not meet the water absorption and frost resistance requirements, can be used to build durable cement bound roadbases.


base and subbase, cement stabilized layers, concrete, recycling.

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Krawczyk, B., Szydło, A., Mackiewicz, P., & Dobrucki, D. (2019). Assessment criteria of the recycled aggregate cement bound bases. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 18(2), 109–126.

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