Published: 2016-01-13

Chemically modified bitumens with improved adhesion to aggregate

Michał Sarnowski


Durability of asphalt pavements is dependent on the use of high-quality road binders. Good bitumen should exhibit adequate viscoelastic properties, resistance to ageing and good adhesion to mineral aggregates. In order to improve bitumen properties the modification of binder is used. For over 15 years, mainly in the USA, polyphosphoric (PPA) modifier is used, which improves viscoelastic properties of the binder and its adhesion to aggregate. The paper presents the extensive research results of adhesion of binders modified with polyphosphoric additive and SBS polymer, as well as the research results of water resistance of asphalt mixtures comprising these binders. In order to evaluate the adhesion test results a new computer image analysis, developed by the author at Warsaw University of Technology, was used. Computer analysis may constitute an alternative to inaccurate visual method. It is shown that there is a possibility to significantly improve binder adhesion to the aggregate as a result of bitumen modification with both SBS polymer and polyphosphoric (PPA) additive.


adhesion, asphalt mixture, bitumen, polymer SBS, polyphosphoric acid, water resistance

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Sarnowski, M. (2016). Chemically modified bitumens with improved adhesion to aggregate. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 14(4), 303–322.

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