Published: 2013-02-01

Model investigations and numerical analysis of an arch shaped footbridge

Jarosław Bęc , Tomasz Lipecki , Andrzej Flaga , Grzegorz Bosak


Complex aerodynamic analysis of the "Kazimierz-Podgórze" bridge for pedestrians and bicycles traffic over Vistula River has been presented in the paper. The analysis consists of model tests performed in the wind tunnel and aerodynamic calculations. Aerodynamic coefficients of drag Cx, lift Cy and moment Cm for three sections of the bridge in dependence on the angle of wind attack in the range -15° to +15° have been obtained from the wind tunnel tests. These functions of the aerodynamic coefficients have been used to determine the wind action on the footbridge according to the quasi-steady theory, and to estimate the possibility of self-induced vibrations of the bridge deck. The bridge dynamic characteristics: frequencies and mode shapes, as well as displacements, internal forces and stresses in particular structural elements under the dynamic wind action have been determined numerically. Static analysis of the bridge under a deadweight only has been performed for comparison. Due to circular cross-section of an arch girder, dynamic analysis of the bridge with vortex excitation of the arch girder has also been performed. This excitation has been applied to the structure simultaneously with the dynamic wind action at the mean wind speed equal to the critical wind speed. The criteria for pedestrian comfort in presence of vibrations generated by wind have also been examined.


dynamic wind action, footbridge, pedestrian comfort, quasi-steady theory, vortex excitation, wind tunnel

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Bęc, J., Lipecki, T., Flaga, A., & Bosak, G. (2013). Model investigations and numerical analysis of an arch shaped footbridge. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 12(4), 339–360.

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