Published: 2014-02-01

Pozzolanic and hydraulic activity of calcareous fly ash

Zbigniew Giergiczny , Albin Garbacik , Mikołaj Ostrowski


Usefulness of domestic calcareous fly ashes as pozzolanic and hydraulic constituents of cements and hydraulic binders is a subject of this paper. Test results of standard properties, activity indices of calcareous fly ashes and physical and mechanical properties of cements with this kind of fly ash are presented. Factors which might exerted an influence on hydration and hardening processes of cements with calcareous fly ashes form Bełchatow Power Station were analyzed. Beneficial results of calcareous fly ash activity were discussed regarding phase composition and morphology. The function of glassy phase in hydration and hardening processes of fly ashes as well as cements and binders with this constituent was emphasized.


activity, calcareous fly ash, cement, hydraulic constituents, pozzolanic constituents

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Giergiczny, Z., Garbacik, A., & Ostrowski, M. (2014). Pozzolanic and hydraulic activity of calcareous fly ash. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 12(1), 71–81.

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