Published: 2024-07-08

Analysis of the possibility of increasing the tree cover of road lanes in old-town zones – legal considerations

Piotr Gryszpanowicz , Aneta Lisicka , Barbara Rymsza


The article presents an analysis and identification of obstacles and possibilities related to greening roadside strips in the old town areas of public roads. This encompasses issues such as existing legal regulations related to road greening, potential legal or administrative restrictions, as well as the prospective benefits and challenges associated with greening in the context of maintaining historic urban areas. The legal analysis also evaluates whether existing regulations are sufficient regarding roadside greening or if legal changes are necessary to facilitate introduction of related solutions. A detailed analysis was conducted using the example of a medium-sized Polish city – Płock. Additionally, the analysis includes a comparison with practices employed in other cities where roadside greening has been effectively implemented. Given the need to balance the preservation of cultural heritage with adaptation to contemporary needs, including “green urban planning”, this study and recommended regulatory changes may support implementation of further steps to increase greening while ensuring the safety of road users and taking into account the unique characteristics of old town areas.


old town zones, road clearance, road strips, roadside trees, street greenery

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Gryszpanowicz, P., Lisicka, A., & Rymsza, B. (2024). Analysis of the possibility of increasing the tree cover of road lanes in old-town zones – legal considerations. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 23(2), 139–154.

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