Roads and Bridges - Drogi i Mosty
14, 4, 2015, 285-302

The Mycenaean bridges - technical evaluation trial

Sławomir Karaś Mail
Lublin University of Technology, Civil Engeneering and Architecture Faculty
Maciej Kowal Mail
Lublin University of Technology, Civil Engeneering and Architecture Faculty
Published: 2016-01-13


Under this project two Mycenaean bridges, both located near the village of Arkadiko in Peloponnese (Greece), were examined through a field survey. These bridges, believed to be one of the oldest preserved bridges in the world, are part of the cultural heritage of humanity. This paper presents the results of a basic static analysis with identification of the weak points of the structure, which are the consequence of its transformation from the original corbelling system to a mixed corbelling and arch system. It seems to be accidental but indispensable according to principles of engineering mechanics.


boulders of Cyclopean masonry, engineering statics, Mycenaean bridges, technical heritage

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The Mycenaean bridges - technical evaluation trial

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