Published: 2010-04-01

Computer simulation of moving inertial loads

Bartłomiej Dyniewicz , Czesław Bajer


The paper presents algorithms for numerical finite element analysis of vibrations of structures under a moving inertial load. Some problems of dynamics of the structure are complex to be solved by the finite element method applied to spatial variables and by the Newmark method used for time domain. Peculiar features of analytical solutions of differential equations describing vibrations caused by a moving point mass must effect also their numerical solutions. Large gradients of solutions, jumps or discontinuities of solutions is difficult to obtain by the numerical discrete methods. These methods require approximations and introduce errors, which are difficult to be estimated. In this paper we discuss numerical solutions which allow us to obtain accurate results in a full range of velocity of the inertial load.

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Dyniewicz, B., & Bajer, C. (2010). Computer simulation of moving inertial loads. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 9(1), 5–30. Retrieved from

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