Published: 2010-04-01

Simulation of vehicle noise during slow speed maneuvering – CP2009 model

Jerzy Ejsmont , Grzegorz Ronowski


Social and other surveys have indicated that traffic noise affects more people than any other type of pollution. It was recently concluded that approximately 20% of the population of the European Union is exposed to noise levels which are usually considered to be intolerable (LAeq > 65 dB)and 60% to levels which are considered undesirable (LAeq > 55 dB). Reduction of traffic noise is possible only when all preventive measures are taken collectively (improvements in tyres, road surfaces and traffic management). The paper presents a basic noise model and selected data necessary to predict the noise of slow maneuvering road vehicles. The model may be used for noise assessment studies, required by law before the start of construction or serious modification of parking lots, gas stations, ferry or container terminals. The model is based on recent noise emission measurements performed in Poland.

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Ejsmont, J., & Ronowski, G. (2010). Simulation of vehicle noise during slow speed maneuvering – CP2009 model. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 9(1), 45–56. Retrieved from

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