Published: 2008-04-01

Investigation of shear strength of clay-gravel, coarse-grained soils

Magdalena Mierzejewska , Stanisław Pisarczyk


The reported investigation aims at systematizing the knowledge concerning the strength parameters (u and cu) of clay-gravel and coarse-grained soils. The paper includes the description and results of laboratory tests of internal friction angle u and cohesion cu of clay-gravel soil mixtures, compacted by standard energy of Proctor method and sheared using the shear box test. The research was carried out using properly prepared mixes of various humidity of loam and segregated fluvial gravel (the grains size d < 5 mm). The strength formulas presented earlier in Russian papers were verified by calculations.

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Mierzejewska, M., & Pisarczyk, S. (2008). Investigation of shear strength of clay-gravel, coarse-grained soils. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 7(3), 35–53. Retrieved from

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