Published: 2022-06-30

Water absorption kinetics of bitumen modified cement mortars

Liudmyla Trykoz , Maryna Rezunenko , Oksana Pustovoitova , Victoria Semenova-Kulish , Dmytro Borodin


Concrete permeability is a major factor that affects durability and reliability of structures – bridges, tunnels, culvert pipes, etc. It is important to identify effective methods of protection of such structures against water penetration, for example by using a modifying substance. Samples of cement mortar composites were used for water absorption simulation. Bitumen emulsion was used as a modifying agent. According to the water absorption kinetics, the following parameters of the pore microstructure of the mortar composite were estimated: the index of mean size of open capillary pores, closed porosity, and the index of size uniformity. The research has shown that the addition of bitumen emulsion decreases the pore space and macrocapillaries (from 23.91% to 6.61%), water absorption (3 times), and the index of mean size of open capillary pores (from 0.69 to 0.3) of modified mortars.


bitumen emulsion, cement mortar, concrete permeability, porosity, water absorption.

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Trykoz, L., Rezunenko, M., Pustovoitova, O., Semenova-Kulish, V., & Borodin, D. (2022). Water absorption kinetics of bitumen modified cement mortars. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 21(2), 167–178.

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