Published: 2020-12-30

Tests of dynamic impact from trains on noise barriers

Piotr Olaszek , Artur Sakowski , Ewa Twardosz , Paweł Nurek


The article presents an investigation on the dynamic impact from passing trains on noise barriers. The effect was an investigation along two railway line sections: on the first section the barriers were located less than 3.8 m from the track axis and considerable distress of the barriers was observed; on the second section barriers of the same type were located 4.6 m from the track axis and no distress was noted. A method for determination of displacement occurring under aerodynamic loading is presented, based on measurement of vibration acceleration and calculation of double integral. The obtained results are compared with measurements from an interferometric radar. Parameters for analysis and assessment of the magnitude of dynamic impact from passing trains are proposed. The results of the analyses performed on the two railway line sections are compared. The article also presents laboratory tests of an undamaged noise barrier panel. Conclusions are formulated regarding the use of noise barriers susceptible to fatigue due to alternating positive and negative aerodynamic pressure peaks.


aerodynamic excitation from trains, dynamics, high-speed rail lines, noise barriers.

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Olaszek, P., Sakowski, A., Twardosz, E., & Nurek, P. (2020). Tests of dynamic impact from trains on noise barriers. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 19(4), 247–265.

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