Published: 2018-09-30

The effect of nano-CaCO3 on the mechanical properties and permeability of roller compacted concrete pavement (RCCP)

Shahab HasaniNasab , Mohammad Hassan Jebur , Hassan Sharafi


The paper presents the investigations of the mechanical properties water absorption and porosity of the roller compacted concrete pavements (RCCP) with different amounts of nano-CaCO3. The nano-particles of CaCO3 were partially added to RCCP, and the mechanical properties of the specimens were measured. The results indicate that nano-CaCO3 can improve the compressive strength and the tensile splitting strength of RCCP. The nano-CaCO3 used up to 1% as a partial replacement for cement can accelerate the C-S-H gel formation at the early ages of hydration. This is due to increased crystalline Ca(OH)2 amount during the early ages of hydration. Increasing nano-CaCO3 content by more than 1% decreases the compressive and tensile splitting strength, and increases water absorption and permeability. The addition of CaCO3 nano-particles may increase C-S-H content, which improves the mechanical properties of concrete, fills the concrete pores, and decreases water absorption and permeable voids volume.


mechanical properties, nano-CaCO₃, permeability, roller compacted concrete pavements.

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HasaniNasab, S., Jebur, M. H., & Sharafi, H. (2018). The effect of nano-CaCO<sub>3</sub> on the mechanical properties and permeability of roller compacted concrete pavement (RCCP). Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 17(3), 205–214.

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