Published: 2017-06-30

Surrogate measure of safety from road inspection data - experimental test on Polish roads

Salvatore Cafiso , Carmelo D'agostino , Mariusz Kieć , Giuseppina Pappalardo


The European Directive 2008/96/CE on Road Infrastructures Safety Management gives great emphasis to road Safety Inspections SI as tool for safety management of existing roads. In this framework, development of surrogate measures of safety derived from data collected during safety inspections can provide a source of information for risk assessment. Furthermore, SIs derived information seems to be promising for road Agencies as a tool to prioritize measures and sections to treat. As a result of a research project funded by the European Union in 2004 and successful application in Italy, a Risk Index RI was developed and available as surrogate measure of safety for local two-lane rural roads. The procedure was adapted to the new Polish guideline for safety inspection and re-calibrated on the local crash type distribution. Experimental application on about 100 km of Polish two lane rural road shows a promising correlation between the RI and the crash frequency.


cluster analysis, European Directive, risk index, safety inspection, safety performance function, surrogate measures of safety

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Cafiso, S., D'agostino, C., Kieć, M., & Pappalardo, G. (2017). Surrogate measure of safety from road inspection data - experimental test on Polish roads. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 16(2), 115–130.

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