Published: 2015-07-21

Pandora - valuation method of social costs of road accidents in Poland

Agata Jaździk-Osmólska


The paper presents a valuation method of social costs of road accidents and collisions in Poland, which was developed in the Economic Division of Road and Bridge Research Institute. In addition to personal losses (expressed in physical victims of road accidents) and emotional losses (in relation to a victims' circle and their loved ones suffering mostly in the emotional way), the economic costs fall into a basic category of consequences of road occurrences. The high share of all these costs in the economy of countries (an average of over 2% of GDP), gives them the economic dimension of a problem. Moreover, the results of a detailed analysis of their structure convince that it is worth considering the process of road safety in a broader context, not just a transport one, but social as well. Dangers posed by road traffic and expressed as personal and emotional losses are still undervalued by a society and a governing body. That is the reason why the motorization education including the economic aspect can be effective: financial arguments appeal to the imagination of each homo economicus. From the operational level, unit costs of accidents in the form of the value of life and health of victims, are an essential element of the economic viability valuation of road projects, based on an analysis of social costs and benefits of road users. For this reason the choice of valuation methods for socio-economic costs of occurrences is essential and that is why it has been the subject of research in the field of transport economics for a long time.


costs of road accidents, costs of road collisions, Pandora’s method, valuation method of road occurrences

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Jaździk-Osmólska, A. (2015). Pandora - valuation method of social costs of road accidents in Poland. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 14(2), 133–142.

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