Published: 2011-04-01

Field investigations of screw displacement SDP piles and SDC columns

Adam Krasiński


The paper presents the screw piling technology, which is gaining a wide acceptance and still requires a better understanding from the scientific point of view. In the paper the field investigation of screw piles and columns performed on the road currently under construction near Pruszcz Gdański is reported. Tests were carried out on two screw SDP piles and two SDC columns, which were instrumented with a special measuring equipment consisted of vibrating wire extensometers. This equipment allows for the pile shaft and base resistances to be assessed separately. The results of pile and columns tests were analyzed together with CPTU tests and measurements of pile installation parameters (torque, concrete pressure etc.). Results of tests presented in this paper and performed analysis provide some new information regarding loaded screw pile behaviour in the soil.

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Krasiński, A. (2011). Field investigations of screw displacement SDP piles and SDC columns. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 10(1-2), 21–58. Retrieved from

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