Roads and Bridges - Drogi i Mosty
21, 2, 2022, 151-165

Estimation of traffic flow using measurements of road surface vibrations

Rafał Burdzik Mail
Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering, 8 Krasińskiego St., 40-019 Katowice
Ireneusz Celiński Mail
Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering, 8 Krasińskiego St., 40-019 Katowice
Published: 2022-06-30


Road traffic parameters in a selected road cross-section can be measured using various techniques. Such measurements can be made in the visible wave band, the audible frequency band or they can be based on vibrations. Most vibrations in the roadway are generated by vehicles moving in a traffic flow. This paper presents a simplified way of traffic flow measurement based on an analysis of road surface vibrations generated by vehicles. The vibrations originating from individual vehicles depend on the latter’s specifications and technical condition, as well as on the road’s pavement type, design class and condition. As part of this research an attempt at the parametrization of the traffic flow in a selected road cross-section was made using a road surface vibration analysis method. For this purpose a prototype measuring system equipped with an ADLX335 accelerometer was built. Road pavement vibration measurements acquired in this way were collated with measurement data obtained from a manual traffic recorder. The results show that the presented method is suitable for road traffic flow estimation.


MEMS, road, traffic flow, vibroacoustics.

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Estimation of traffic flow using measurements of road surface vibrations

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